Welcome (Fiji) Limited is all about providing tailored, top-notch and cost effective film production services for television commercials, films and photography in Fiji and the South Pacific Islands.

Let Welcome (Fiji) Limited act as your offshore office. Our dynamic and experienced team facilitates everything to achieve a successful production including:

Line production & management

Welcome (Fiji) Limited's production team has over 40 years of combined production experience working with top production companies, advertising agencies and brands across the globe.

Welcome (Fiji) Limited provides the total package to the international film industry. Whether your film project is a TV commercial, surfing video, TV series, music video, fashion shoot, stills photography, Welcome (Fiji) Limited offers our clients great production value, awesome location possibilities and a diverse and experienced talent pool.


Our experienced production team has years of experience in creating and monitoring budgets for film productions big and small. We treat budgets like the money is coming out of our own pockets so we make sure you get value for money when filming in Fiji. Whether you are looking at a low budget surf video or big, big budget film project, Welcome (Fiji) Limited can create and manage your budget for you and ensure your peace of mind.


Welcome (Fiji) Limited can arrange all or your accommodation and transfer needs for your stay in Fiji. There are a number of amazing options for client, agency and crew that will make everyone happy and forget that they are in Fiji to get a job done.

Staying in Fiji is always fun. Most resorts include all meals and plenty of activities both on and off the water.

Welcome (Fiji) Limited has developed relationships with a variety of accommodation providers throughout the Fiji islands from world-class five star resorts to three star hotels that you would swear were five stars. Our connections with accommodation providers all over Fiji means that no matter where you stay you will receive a cheaper rate than you could secure yourself.

5 star resort 1 5 star resort 2 5 star resort 3

Fiji has developed a large, skilled body of film production technicians as a result of TV productions and Hollywood blockbusters including Anaconda & Castaway being shot here. Welcome (Fiji) Limited ensures that you will always get a high-end team that is fully up-to-date with world trends in equipment and techniques.

We have worked closely with film crews in Fiji to ensure that we only work with professional, hardworking and talented film crews that have developed experience working across a number of film locations and sets. Specialist technicians such as stunt supervisors, motion control operators, car-rig operators, underwater camera and steadicam operators are readily available.

When filming in Fiji a 10 hour shoot day is the standard for commercials. Overtime is charged at a rate of T 1.5 for the first 2 hours and T2 thereafter. There are no additional charges for night shoots or weekend work if treated as a normal shooting day.

Film Equipment

Welcome (Fiji) Limited has partnered with SPR LTD Fiji to be able to supply a high level and large quantity of both lighting and grip equipment providing a boost for international producers bringing their projects into Fiji.

Camera equipment rentals are somewhat limited in Fiji with the majority of camera equipment having to be brought in to Fiji for each production from Australia or New Zealand. We have partnerships with a number of camera equipment suppliers and freight agents to ensure that we can get the best deal for you. Contact us to discuss all of your equipment needs.

Studios In Fiji - Currently there are no large studios in Fiji. However there are small studio facilities at the Fiji National University.


Welcome (Fiji) Limited works closely with a number of experienced casting agents in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. The pool of acting talent available includes experienced professional actors, models and extras, represented by actors' or models' agents. We can fulfill any casting requirements you may need for your film production in Fiji. Welcome (Fiji) Limited works closely with our casting agents to ensure that you get the right cast with the right look and right talent.

Freight & Customs

Organizing freight & customs into and out of Fiji can sometimes be cumbersome and confusing for the uninitiated. Welcome (Fiji) Limited will take away any hassles and handle all of your freight and customs requirements - both inbound and outbound.

We have experienced freight agents that work with Welcome (Fiji) Limited to handle temporary permits for importing additional camera or film equipment, special props and products for your Fiji film production. We will assist with customs clearances as well as on advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective freight options.


Welcome (Fiji) Limited has extensive and varied contacts at all levels throughout the Fiji islands. Welcome (Fiji) Limited has developed strong working contacts and relationships from the top level of government to councils and right the way through to local villages and private residences.

Sometimes it can be hard to get film permits in Fiji, however with our experience and strong connections we take out any hassles ensuring that you film in Fiji in the exact location that your film production requires. We are experienced at negotiating appropriate fees with both private and public location owners and we always ensure that the relevant Fiji film permits for locations are obtained.


Once you have wrapped up filming in Fiji there are a number of post-production solutions that we offer. Welcome (Fiji) Limited can arrange and manage all of your post-production requirements including offline and online editing in Fiji, Australia, Asia, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world.

Welcome (Fiji) Limited has relationships with top post-production companies across Australia, New Zealand and Asia that offer world-class post-production services that only work with the latest equipment and top personnel for servicing film post production needs.

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